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Since 2002 volunteers from all over the world have been assisting with the daily running of RWRC. Without their help and enthusiasm for what gets done at Riverside it would have been much more difficult to continue with all daily routines and maintenance at RWRC.

Meet new friends who share your passion for animals and create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Wake up with the sound of birdsong to be ready for a days work. The following are the basics that volunteers get to do at Riverside:

  • Clean cages in quarantine, clinic and elsewhere
  • Clean feeding bowls/dishes and prepare food for all animals
  • Check on animals for injuries and/or illness & assist with tending wounds, administering medications
  • Build new enclosures and cages
  • Plant vegetables for the animals
  • Monitor monkeys and baboons in enclosures
  • Assist when new cases come in with all measurements, tests and micro chipping
  • Collecting and sorting food
  • Participate in any/all moving of primates to next stages in rehabilitation program
  • Help with all preparations before, during and after releases to the wild
  • Monitor monkeys at the release site and surrounding area after a release.

Always keep in mind when working with animals anything can happen ...... and plans can change with the blink of an eye!

RWRC is a true ‘family run’ organization which Bob , Lynne  and Matthew Venter started during 1995. The family initially did all the work with the animals as well as any construction work.  They have combined experience in primate rehabilitation for 50 years, and like to think of themselves as ‘Primate Specialists’. At one stage Riverside only dealt with monkeys, but  have received more animal and bird species as well as other primates.








Planting veges, feeding orphan baby monkeys and baboons, preparing food for animals.

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